Angrytools provide a set of tools which is dedicated to all developers around the world because many programmers feel writing a code is frustrating especially when they have a deadline.

This site has a very simple interface and there is no fancy design because It's only have tools which helps learning and understanding about coding.

Also the tools are not 100% sure for correctness of all content, but I hope all of you can help and contribute.

-- enjoy coding
Abhijeet Meshram

Project History
Project Start Date : 1st April 2012
Web Site Deploy : 5th August 2012
Added new tool - Android Button maker : 1st Mar 2013
Added new tool - Code for email : 25th May 2013
Update : Gradient to Image maker : 28th Jul 2013
Added new tool - CSS Generator : 01st Dec 2013
Added new tool - Android Pixel Calculator : 11th Jan 2014
Added new tool - Basic Commands Ubuntu/Windows : 30th May 2014
Added new tool - CSS Animation Sample Kit : 12th June 2014
Added new tool - Total Text Converter : 26th Oct 2014
Added new tool - Ultimate Bootstrap Editor : 18th January 2015
Update : Online CSS Gradient Generator : 25th Jan 2015
Update : CSS Animation Sample Kit : 31st Jan 2015
Update : All tools, layout : 16th Oct 2016
Added new tool - CSS Media Query : 14th January 2018