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Total Text Converter

This is straightforward tool which convert input text to other text format.

Base64: Transfering of data bytes might risk of data loss, Because different types of older or new hardware, software has own logic to handle data string. Base64 is a mechanism to represent data byte string in ASCII characters format. ASCII format contain 64 characters (A-Z,a-z,0-9,+,/). Base64 encoding is a way to convert character string into printable ASCII characters.

CSS/JS minify: Minifiy is process where remove charecters from source code which is not necessary by interpreted languages. Converted minified code is not readable by humans but computers. Minified makes file size smaller and makes source code fast executable.

MD5 Hash: Message Digest algorithm 5 is cryptographic hash function which convert any input size of text string to fixed size of hash code. md5 hash code is use for checksum like downloaded file is correct or not.

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