Online Gradient Generator

android support only three color gradient !!

Online Gradient Generator

A gradient is a graphical effect that involves blending two or more colors to create a smooth transition between them. It can be used in various contexts like CSS, SVG and Canvas for web design, Android app development, SwiftUI for iOS app development, and even in image editing

There are several types of gradients that can be used in different contexts and applications. The most common types of gradients are:

(1) Linear Gradient: A linear gradient blends colors along a straight line, from one point to another. This is the most common type of gradient used in CSS for creating smooth color transitions in backgrounds and other elements.

(2) Radial/Elliptical Gradient: A radial gradient blends colors from the center to the outer edge of a circle or ellipse. It creates a circular or elliptical color transition, with the center usually being the starting color.

(3) Conic Gradient: A conic gradient creates color transitions in a circular pattern around a center point. It is often used to create color wheels or pie charts with smoothly changing colors.

This tool provides gradient code in CSS, RGBA, HEX, Canvas, SVG, SwiftUI and Android XML formats. In addition you can also generate gradient image and download.